A journey I didn't expect



I suffered with acne from my teens into my thirties. If you know anyone who has had a skin condition that is persistent and unable to be hidden easily, it is both physiological and emotional. 

Over time I had come to accept it, along with my stretch marks, my tiredness, my hormonal imbalances and my mood. I didn't know a different me was possible. 

I was a busy Mum juggling full time work, motherhood and a household with other hats I love to wear. I wasn't being paid for the effort I put in and knew there was a limit to what I could do and a cap on what I could earn. 


Until a friend gave me choice. A way to hear about something that could really help. 

That's what this page is about. That one introduction has led me to a way to have flexible income, travel and persue art and causes close to my heart. 

Now its your turn. Welcome to your choice! 

Learn a little and it might just be a perfect fit!

It still surprises me how much change can be made simply by locking in your own hydration. There is no other way in the world to do this; This is no cream!

Hear my story and why I needed help

I had to see it to believe it, maybe you do too

We are complex beings! I have found these products to work unlike anything else. But I needed proof until I had my personal experience. If you wish to see many personal transformations of people I know, you can request to see our vault of private testimonials, just say Heidi Emma sent you!


I've stumbled upon some beautiful supports to keep me going with all that I do. If you need energy, improved mood, better sleep, reduced cravings, a functioning metabolism, relief from adrenal fatigue and other effects of stress, lets chat.