A journey in perspective.

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The Artist

I loved art as a young child and drew and painted for fun during my teens. 

Art only became a serious part time venture after discovering a new found love for capturing what I see after a few lessons from a family friend in 2011. A beautiful friend of my Mother was diagnosed with macular degeneration and knowing that her sight was under threat I asked for her to show me how to paint like she did. After 6 lessons at her home in Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia, I was hooked. She had passed on some of what she had learnt from David Moore, a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters and I have never seen the world the same since.

After learning the basics of Tonal Impressionist painting, I began to experiment at home with still life, painting every day items in my home or from the local markets. Fruit and vegetables captured my interest initially, as well as the simple beauty of how light interacts with glass and pottery. 

My tutor had said I would learn lessons hard and fast if I painted outside from life. With these words in my head, I then discovered the challenge and joy of painting 'plein air,' a french term for painting outdoors; in the moment to capture the essence of what is observed. Moving light, bugs, wind, rain, hunger, potential sunburn and the distraction of good company and conversation are all aspects that make this type of painting a challenge but where lots of learning occurs! 

I have painted alongside local WA plein air artists and try capture the features of scenes close to home firstly in the Swan Valley region of Western Austalia and now in the SouthWest of Western Australia. 

All of my work features a focus on tone and form to capture the beauty of everyday objects and scenes. The way light affects a subject is what draws me to my subject and is what I hope to capture. 

I continue to revel in how light produces the most beautiful colours and dances over objects. My workshops aim to allow others to fall in love with looking at the world differently as I did, and capture it with no artistic leaning or experience necessary. (Learn more that that here)

My work features in homes and businesses in Australia, the US and England and can be seen at Happs Pottery Gallery if you are passing through the South West of Western Australia. 


The Entrepreneur

While enjoying art and teaching, I was introduced to a vehicle to open doorways I never expected. It changed my appearance, my confidence, my perception of work and what I could offer the world and I'll never look back. 

It has nothing to do with art , but it frees me to pursue art as a passion and other causes I never thought I could do before. If you have a passion or a way to make a difference and you never have worked out how to achieve the time and resources to pursue it, this could be it!

I have a growing team of people passionate about helping others in their own way. 

You can learn more in the Wellness section of this site.

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I feel compelled to capture the way light dances in the scenery around me
— Heidi