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Weight Loss

Hormones. Metabolism. Nutrition. Exercise. Sleep. Stress.

We are complex creatures. We have many satisfied customers experiencing our natural, botanical drops that assist where diet and exercise along cannot. They help by

  • curbing appetite, allowing you to make thoughtful choices

  • help balance hunger hormones and increase satiety

  • slowing the absorption of carbs

  • helping maintain normal blood glucose levels

  • increase metabolism

  • providing powerful antioxidants to protect against Oxidative Stress

  • maintaining a healthy immune system

  • reducing stress and lowering cortisol hormone level

  • increasing relaxation

  • aiding in digestion and gastrointestinal health

  • assisting muscle and cellular repair.

In 3 weeks I am down 3.8kgs & 28cms. Honestly if you or someone you know have issues with
✖️ Endometriosis
✖️ PMS
✖️ Sleep
✖️ Hormones
they need to use these drops.
— Kristy
I want to share my story of kicking PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis & Underactive Thyroid symptoms is the rear! 👊
Sometimes it SUCKS being a gal! 🤷‍♀️ There are so many young girls & women who suffer day in & day out, spending hundred’s to thousands,💲seeing gp after gp, 👩‍⚕️ specialist after specialist only to be left still suffering. I want to share my story with you & let you know that there is HOPE! 💋
When I was 13 I had my period for 9 months straight! 🤦‍♀️Yep, every day for nearly a year. I was working at my parent’s BP roadhouse in the kitchen at the time & used to faint while prepping food 😳
I was told I was anemic & was put on iron tablets 💊
I kept fainting & would often pass out on the Netball court 🏐
When I was 14, I didnt get my period properly for a year. Still no answers from the Dr’s.. 🦗 I suffered with terrible acne since I can remember. Daily break out’s & a whole lot of scars.
Not something you want when you are going to high school 😭
For the next 15 years, I was on the pill & continued to suffer with acne, heavy period’s (that would last anywhere between 1.5 weeks to 6 weeks at a time), low iron, dizziness, horrendous cramping, fainting & the rest. I was eventually diagnosed with Endometriosis & PCOS 👎
I was married at the age of 20 & was taken off the pill by my Naturopath. I fell pregnant on my honey moon & became incredibly ill. I was diagnosed with an Underactive Thyroid & was told it wasnt nad enough to go on medication. At 18 weeks we lost our baby. I was later told I SHOULD of been put on thyroxine that day 😔 What followed was 3 more miscarriages over the next 7 years & more horrendous periods as well as other health issues ⛑
I was diagnosed with Rikketsia (a co infection of Lyme disease) & bed ridden for 12 week’s. I went from not being able to walk for a minute to building up to be able to run 4km 3 months later 🏃‍♀️ I lost 12kg’s & fell pregnant with our miracle son Oliver 🤰💙 The PCOS was finally under control. That pregnancy was the best I felt since the age of 13 😳
Over the next few years I gained 30 kg’s, was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s & PCOS was back with a vengeance 🔥 Each month I was going through multiple packs of maternity pads & would have to wear 2 x maternity pads over night sometimes changing through the night. It didnt matter what I did & how healthy I ate, how much I exercised, cut out sugar & all the rest the weight was NOT shifting. That was until these 2 little bottles arrived at my door 😍
The first month using the Day & Night Drop’s I still had a heavy period however it was one of my first normal cycles 🙏 I lost 6kgs in 3 week’s & my bloating went down MAJORLY.
The second set of drop’s I kid you not, I had NO SYMPTOMS!! 😳 What the heck were these drops?? I was having regular cycles, no back pain, no cramping, no PMS symptoms, no bloating, reduced cravings, no blocks of chocolate 😂 sleeping like a baby, reduced anxiety, more energy, reduced inflammation, no leg cramp’s, reduced hair loss, kept losing weight & cm’s & best of all NO MORE FRIGGEN MONTHLY BREAKOUTS!!! Partenered along with our incredible Elite, Nucerity skin range (which corrected my 17 year struggle with acne) & the amazing Optimal range I am LOVING life!! Hallelujah 🙌
So, there IS HOPE friends. There really is! I have tried sooooo many tablets, change of diet, natural options & the rest. Nothing has helped balance my hormones like this & helped me to lose fat like this system. I HIGHLY recommend letting every chick know who suffers from any of the above & give it a go yourself. Take the info to your GP ❤ You having to lose except crappy symptoms, bad sleep & visceral fat 💪
If you remain consistent & give the program time to work it’s magic you will NOT be disappointed ❤ This has changed my life for the better & I am extremely grateful!!
— Dea